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Joseph and the Amazing Apparitions

by Cecelia Butler

After a few months working as a traditional real estate agent, I came to realize my interest was more about freeing a house of stagnant energy than comps, listings and pricing. My personal experience in selling my townhouse had allowed me to take control of a bad energy situation and clean up my “karmic” clutter to reach the goal of selling that property quickly and for full price. In my heart, I believed I could help others to sell their “unsaleable” houses by eliminating past stuck trauma in their home. This new way of selling became my marketing tool.

I began to offer a pre-sale package of staging, feng shui and energy clearing for prospective sellers. It took some convincing, but my BIC (Broker in Charge) gave me presentation time at the next monthly agent’s meeting. I passed out my new flyer on the service package I was introducing. I began to talk about stuck energy, clearing past trauma and the power of simplifying the process with positive intentions. All the eyes looking in my direction were in a catatonic blur. Apparently, my message had missed the mark. At the next month’s meeting, they voted me “Most Zen” agent. I even got a printed certificate.

To spread the message further, I signed up for a booth at the upcoming Association of Realtors conference. I put together a website with research and documentation on how energy stays in homes and clearing can help. A few curious agents stopped to chat with me, but most were interested in the free give away cups and bags offered in the next booth by a well- known builder. Again, I did not hit the bull’s eye with my marketing plan.

At this point, I decided to work strictly through word of mouth. I approached a few neighbors from my old townhouse cul-de-sac and told them of my success with energy clearing and house sales. Quietly, one neighbor approached me with a proposal. She had been trying to sell her house for four years! She had adjusted the price, painted the walls, rearranged the furniture and not one offer had come across her listing agent’s desk. She claimed the house was cursed or haunted. “Somebody does not wish me good luck with this house,” she confided in me. “If you can unravel who is out to get me and clear the curse, I will pay you,” she whispered.

This project required a lot more energy clearing than I had previously tackled. First, there was the problem of a potential curse and then the possibility of a ghost. I asked the neighbor to join me in a meditation process to determine what the real issue was with her home. She had experience with transcendental meditation and I felt her input might be helpful. She agreed to help.

First, I opened the Akashic Records for her house. This etheric compendium resembles a library which includes a recording of all people, places and events throughout earth’s history. These records would include the land as well. I asked what was holding back the sale of her house. Was there a “curse”? Were there attached beings such as ghosts? What could we do to rectify this situation? We both agreed to go into meditation for thirty minutes and see what might come up. She closed her eyes and began the transcendental meditation process and I relaxed into my focus on the third eye “screen” which often presents clips or scenes. After thirty minutes we both returned with individual input to share. I began to tell her of my experiences which turned out to be very similar to her. I had seen a man on a horse taking young girls away from their families. They were American Indian children and they were very frightened by the abduction. These children were then raped by pirates and sold as slaves. It was a terrible scene to observe. Her vision included the same idea of children stolen. She also added that their souls had stayed attached to the earth at that location because they were looking for their parents. I was aware that the land on which this development had been built included the burial grounds of the Cape Fear Indians. I did not know of the lost children. We agreed to go back into meditation together and ask what we could do to make amends for these terrible acts and release the curse on her house. We were given specific instructions to obtain a stone named obsidian and to place that stone on the four corners of her house. Also, certain plants and flowers needed to be planted in the beds around her home. Finally, it was suggested we bury a Saint Joseph statue in the front yard for assistance. Burning sage and Indian drumming was to be part of this release. We agreed to meet in the cul-de-sac the next evening at sunset to perform this ceremonial reparation.

That evening I brought two drums, sage, and a St. Joseph statue to the end of the street. My neighbor met me with matches and the requested stones. We quietly got out of our cars, looking around to be sure no other neighbors were in the nearby vicinity. We quickly drummed, walking in a circular manner and went back to her yard where we buried the St. Joseph statue according to the directions which came in the box. I had purchased the statues at the Catholic Church’s gift shop the day before. The desk clerk was very familiar with the statue and the reason for my purchase. She explained that Joseph had been a carpenter and was the saint for houses and their sale and protection. The instructions had been completed and now we just had to wait and see if the curse had been removed. Two weeks to the day, my neighbor received a full price offer for her townhouse. She and her family happily moved from that development and I received a small stipend for my efforts!

It was a long time before another house clearing opportunity came my way. By this time, I had switched employers and was working as a real estate assistant and client liaison for a builder in Southport, NC. My job involved sitting at the model home, inviting prospective purchasers to tour the house and assist buyers with their selections once the paperwork had been signed. I enjoyed this work better than strictly sales and I got to meet a lot more people. There was another agent who handled the sales end of any purchases.

One afternoon, a buyer’s agent arrived unannounced with an older couple to tour the house. I offered to show them around, but the listing agent was there and he took his turn to get the commission. I went back to the kitchen and continued computer work at the kitchen table. I could hear their conversation as they visited each of the rooms. It seemed this was a relatively new couple despite their age. She was encouraging him to sell his house in town immediately and purchase a new house for them to start fresh. He was hesitant to move. It seemed he was very attached to his historic house in town. The listing agent was drawn into the conversation and I heard him suggest they come to the kitchen table and talk to me about their unusual problem. He was aware of my house clearing experiences.

The girlfriend was very upset because apparently the boyfriend’s deceased wife was still in the house watching her. He was reluctant to sell the house because of his past memories there with his wife, now dead. He just did not want to let go. They agreed to hire me to help clear the house for sale. It had been on the market for two years and no offers had come.

Several days later, I sat alone in my living room and opened the records for his house. I asked if there were any entities or ghosts holding up the sale of the house. I got that there were two separate ghosts who did not want the current owner to move. The first was a previous owner who had been mayor in Southport. He admired what the current owner had done to improve the property. He did not trust any new owners to follow up with the same attention to detail. Second was the current owner’s deceased wife. She was not happy with the girlfriend. It seems she had witnessed the girlfriend in the kitchen clearing and casually disposing of her dishes and bric-a-brac. She gave implicit instructions to me how her belongings should be disposed of. First each item should be handled with care and sold at a local antique shop. The proceeds were to be given to the Animal Welfare League. The couple had no children and her dogs and puppies were her legacy. I closed the records and contacted my client that I was ready to come and convey this information.

I met the couple at the historic house in town. The girlfriend invited me for a cup of tea in the kitchen as I opened up my paperwork. I told them about the deceased, previous owner who had concerns about any new residents and the upkeep of the house. The owner told me that several years ago, an older gentleman had stopped at his driveway and divulged his identity as a former owner and previous mayor of the town. He was happy with the addition the owner had added to the kitchen and the garden. Great, so far I was on track with this reading! Then with much diplomacy, I began to deliver the messages from his deceased wife. I said that she wanted her belongings to be sold and the proceeds to be given to the local Animal Welfare League. Tears began to swell up in his eyes. “She was very fond of her puppies,” he shared. The couple agreed to have me bury a Saint Joseph statue to bless the house and then we returned to the kitchen to wrap up. At that moment, their old fashioned phone rang. It had a caller ID which showed the caller’s name printed on a clear window on the top of the phone. The girlfriend got up to check the name and began to scream at the top of her lungs. “Oh my GOD, it is the Animal Welfare League calling. Your wife must have told them!”

A few weeks later, the couple contacted me to tell me they had received a full price offer for the historic house. They had decided to purchase a new house in town, and apologize that they did not come back to my development. The older boyfriend wanted to be close in town and not have to travel to get to familiar locations. I wished them well on their new adventure!

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