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"Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

is a relatively new modality that has its roots in the late Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Dolores was a true pioneer who utilized hypnosis to push the frontiers of spiritual knowledge. Almost by accident, she stumbled upon the fact that clients sometimes experienced dramatic healing when their subconscious or “higher self” was accessed.

Unfortunately, hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone, and many have difficulty in attaining the deep trance state that QHHT requires. BQH was developed in an attempt to incorporate a core aspect of QHHT using a more broad approach with other tools. BQH draws upon the foundation laid by pioneers such as Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, and Dolores Cannon.


Our understanding of healing is also furthered by the work of Carolyn Myss, who illustrates the role of emotion and energy in causing disease. An emerging knowledge is that our subconscious minds are linked to our cells and the DNA that programs them. The physical matter that constitutes our bodies is really energy and the physical form that we take results from our consciousness shaping that energy. Thus, the door is wide open for a new era of healing based on consciousness.


BQH was developed by Candace Craw Goldman, a former associate of Dolores Cannon. She describes BQH as a 'heart-based and intention-oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing energy healers to use all their skills and resources in service to their clients. BQH does not rely on exact scripts and methods, but instead is adaptable to the client’s needs, the practitioner’s skills, and the situation at hand.' "

Marie Savage

"Candace Craw-Goldman said:  “BQH is an open, naturally evolving and highly personal method that encourages practitioners to use all of their skills to help clients. It has no owner or leader. There is no strict script. There are no rigid rules. BQH is already being practiced today by thousands of practitioners around the world.

During a BQH session, you will be induced into a relaxed meditative state or deep induction and you will contact your Higher Self about any situation in particular that you wish to heal or understand. You “will not be hypnotized” with loss of consciousness, you will have the power to come back anytime you wish to."

What is Beyond Quantum Hypnosis?

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