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"Every day, I strive to both educate and assist my clients, empowering them to find better, healthier and happier lives."


by Cecelia Butler

 Reiki - Hypnotherapy - BQH-Beyond Quantum Hypnosis
- Past Lives - Akashic Intuitive Readings  
Yoga - Spiritual Life Coaching - Visionary Art  
Energetic House Clearing 

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Meet Cecelia

Certified Yoga Instructor - Reiki Master - Hypnotherapist - Akashic Record Intuitive -

 and more...

I began my personal healing journey with the practice of yoga in 2002.  After 911, I needed to find peace during a very stressful time in my life.  It worked!

In 2003, I became a yoga teacher with the desire to share yoga and other modalities for stress relief and relaxation.  I trained to be a reiki master and energy healer in 2011.  I was hooked and kept learning with hypnotherapy and intuitive development classes.  Eventually, I also became certified as an Akashic Record Intuitive and Past Life Hypnotherapist.  These modalities can help clear stuck emotions rooted in past life trauma.




What I Specialize In

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Happiness Coaching

Get to the Root of Trauma

Releasing Stuck Emotional Energy



and Yoga

Spiritual/Intuitive Development

Healing with Art

Clear Chakras

Energy Clearing of Your Home

I met Cecelia several years ago at a health fair at UNCW and since then she has been a regular guest speaker for my Creating Happiness & Well-being course at UNCW.


In addition to her positive energy and creativity,  she teaches students how to apply anxiety-reducing techniques to their every day lives. 

- Marsha Todd

I have been a client of Cecelia’s for 4 years and have been the recipient of her yoga classes, reiki and past life sessions  She is a devoted and caring practitioner and has been paramount in my path to whole health.   

- Louise Desimone

Miraculous experience Cecelia!

This (BQH) was a wonderful healing experience.

I am lighter in my heart and hoping my purpose and relationships will become clearer.

I definitely felt an angelic presence around me and in me. I love- love the Angel drawings.

- Cheryl M.

Nancy S.

I had a Quantum Hypnosis session with Cecelia the other day. It was so lifting and healing, She was able to answer questions that I have had for years and heal traumas that I have had in both this life and past. How do I know this? Because things that have weighed on me for years all seem at rest now. Not everything but a lot.

I would highly recommend reaching out to her and just having a conversation with her. Her knowledge and spirituality will amaze you. I promise.

- Jim Binion

 I am currently working in Germany and Cecelia facilitated a remote Reiki Session with me recently.


 My concern primarily was angst over the Corona Virus.  She did an initial scaling where I indicated my level of discomfort at a 6 which was reduced at session completion to a 2 using a scale of 1-10. 


In addition, she completed an intuitive reading for me that was right on in terms of content and evidence.  My suggestion is that you take advantage of her skills as they are truly remarkable!!

- Jeffrey L. Miller

Cecelia confirmed that my house in Southport, NC would sell in Spring 2017.  She mentioned several things I could do to make the home more energetically desirable and she conducted a ceremony for the quick sale of my house.


My house had been for sale over a year with no offers. I did what Cecelia suggested and the house sold right away on Easter weekend.

- Charles Hess

 I’ve known Cecelia, as a powerful healer, for nearly a decade and I wholeheartedly recommend her.


Her "Angel Healing" invokes a profound state of calming and refreshing spiritual bliss which often lasts for days afterward. 

-Nancy Schrecongost

I have been working with Cecelia for over a year, and in that time I have found her to be a compassionate patient energy healer.

She is capable of using several different techniques to tap into energy blockages, caused by spiritual as well as physical manifestations.

In addition, she gives some practical advice on how to move on and heal. I would recommend Cecelia, both for in-person as well as remote healing sessions.

- Anthony Richards

I am writing to you to say thanks.

You may not remember me, we accidentally met in May 2016,

 in Chester, Va. Since I was very nervous about driving, you kindly gave me some ways to telepathically manage the traffic.


I wanted to let you know the results of my drive back to Greenville. I did what you suggested and notice that cars were always two or more car lengths behind.

It seemed like a miracle!

- Bill Sugar

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