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"Every day, I strive to both educate and assist my clients, empowering them to find better, healthier and happier lives."
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Certified Yoga Instructor - Reiki Master - Hypnotherapist - Akashic Record Intuitive -

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What I Specialize In

I have been a client of Cecelia’s for 4 years and have been the recipient of her yoga classes, reiki and past life sessions  She is a devoted and caring practitioner and has been paramount in my path to whole health.   

 I’ve known Cecelia, as a powerful healer, for nearly a decade and I wholeheartedly recommend her.


Her "Angel Healing" invokes a profound state of calming and refreshing spiritual bliss which often lasts for days afterward. 

I am writing to you to say thanks.

You may not remember me, we accidentally met in May 2016,

 in Chester, Va. Since I was very nervous about driving, you kindly gave me some ways to telepathically manage the traffic.


I wanted to let you know the results of my drive back to Greenville. I did what you suggested and notice that cars were always two or more car lengths behind.

It seemed like a miracle!


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